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Garston Manor School

Garston Manor School

Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties and Speech and Language

Other Staff

Site Manager: Lesley Sutton

Other Professionals working with Garston Manor School

Schools SEN officer:  Julie Cresswell and Louise Steele

Speech and Language Therapist: Richard Martin

Speech and Language Assistant:  Lisa Pearlman

School Counsellor: Karen Doyle

Drama Therapist: Natasha Crook

Music Therapist: Clare Barnes

Art Therapists: Rebecca Goulden,

Guitar Teacher: Tim Emler

School Attendance Improvement officer: Helen Spooner

Connexions Advisors: Beverly Greenfield and Nicole Chater

Visual Impaired Advisory Teacher:  Sian Muggeridge

Hearing impaired Advisory teacher: Jeanette Walters

School Educational Psychologist: Shaun Clifford