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Garston Manor School

Garston Manor School

Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties and Speech and Language

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Christine deGraft-Hanson - Headteacher

Kimberley Joynson - Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Laura James - Director of Resources and Finance

Mr Ian Sabin - Director of Safeguarding, Personal Development, CPD, Behaviours and Attitude         


Admin Staff     


Office Manager and PA to the Headteacher

Ms S Jones

Admin Team

Miss Stacy Hailey -  Finance/Admin Officer

Mrs L Walker -  Exams/Admin Officer

Mrs K Wakefield - Attendance/Admin Officer



Teaching staff

Miss Christine deGraft-Hanson - Headteacher

Miss Kimberley Joynson - Deputy Headteacher 

Mr Ian Sabin - Director of Safeguarding, Personal Development, CPD, Behaviours and Attitude         

Middle leaders


Middle Phase


(Yrs 8&9)

Mr P Steyn & Mr Wigmore 


Upper Phase/KS 4 Leader

(Yrs 10&11)

Miss N Granger




Lower Phase Leader

Mrs M Wieczorek


Miss R Jones



Mr P Steyn

Ms N Khan






Ms N Khan



Mr A Hall



Mr T Wigmore

Mrs S Hazell


Mr A Hall

Miss N Granger



Mr T Wigmore 

Mrs S Hazell


Design and Technology/ Art:

Mr T Wigmore


Food Technology:

Mrs A Mills



Mr T Wigmore

Mrs S Hazell





Alternative Curriculum:

Miss N Granger



Miss N Granger



Miss N Granger



Mrs E Tabraham



Mrs S Homfray



Family Groups


Mrs M Gura - Yew

Mrs A JakubowskaRowan

 Mrs M Wieczorek - Hazel

Mr T Wigmore -  Ash

Mrs S Bryden-Smith - Fir

Mr A Hall - Oak

Mrs A Mills - Spruce

Mrs D Pop - Cherry

Mr P Steyn - Maple 

Mrs R  Garoosi - Larch

Mr N Obembe - Juniper 

Mrs N Wade  - Elm

Miss R Jones - Birch

Miss N Granger/Mrs L Tabraham - Pine





Support Staff 



Mrs S Homfray

Miss C Mills


Cover Supervisors


Miss L Moody

Ms H Tasker


Family Liaison & Inclusion Manager


Miss Natasha Bernberg


Inclusion Support Workers  


Mrs S Ahmed

Mrs A Challis

Miss L Lawrence


 Premises Manager


Miss L Sutton



Learning Support Assistants


Mrs M Rooke

Mrs C Brownsell

Mrs J Patel

Mrs R Roth

Miss C Howes

Mr C Charrot

Miss M Read

Mrs M Boudria

Miss D Howard

Mrs S Hazell

Mrs A Chankova

Miss E Kakai

Mr J Hicks

Mrs P Shah

Mrs S Pop

Mr S Harnett

Miss S Braybrooke

Miss C Dominguez

Miss A Snook

Miss D Wheatley

Mrs S Butt

Miss J Paton

Miss A Aziz

Miss R Agnihotri



Science Technician


Mrs K Burns





Other Staff

Other Professionals working with Garston Manor School

Schools SEN officer:  Emma Burton and Louise Steele

Speech and Language Therapist: Danielle Harman

Speech and Language Assistant: Tracey

School Counsellor: Alison Wells

Drama Therapist: Tim Goldman

Music Therapist: Clare Barnes

Art Therapists: Rebecca Goulden

Guitar Teacher: Tim Emler

School Attendance Improvement officer: Helen Spooner

Connexions Advisors: Jenny Nichols

Visual Impaired Advisory Teacher:  Sian Muggeridge

Hearing impaired Advisory teacher: Jeanette Walters

School Educational Psychologist: Imogen Clulow

Herts Catering: Claire Price 




The Governing Body are committed to taking the School forward to ensure that all the students at Garston Manor School  receive the very best educational provision and experience we can provide.  The Governing Body are members of the school community who have a variety of backgrounds and skills and a passion for improving outcomes for students. The school Board of Governors offer support and challenge to the school and work very closely with Miss deGraft-Hanson and her staff to ensure that it makes the right decisions for the School and the students. The Governing Body is responsible for:

  •      The strategic direction of the School
  •      Accountability to all stakeholders
  •      Support and Challenge (critical friend)

Our Governing Body is made up of members of staff, parents, Local Authority appointees and members of the local community (i.e. co-opted Governors and associate members with specific skills which are beneficial to the Governing Body). As volunteers the Governing Body needs to make best use of its time and the individual Governor’s skills and experience.  

Nominations are invited from parents who wish to become members.

To contact the Governors please contact the school office on 01923 673757 or via email:



Garston Manor Membership List as at September 2023



Governor Type

Term From/Firstly Appointed

Term To

Business or Pecuniary Interest


Appointed By

Mr David Canning

Co-opted Governor


22 March 2018

25 Apr 2026


· Chair

· Curriculum

· Head Teachers Performance Management

Appointed by Herts County Council

Mrs Tracey Allen

Co-opted Governor



05 Jul 2018

 4 Jul 2026

Education Lawyer

· Vice Chair

· Safeguarding Governor



· Looked after Children

Governing Body

Mr Ian Lowe





· Clerk


Miss Christine deGraft-Hanson




 01 Sept 2015





Beverly Greenfield

Co-opted governor



20 Mar 2019

19 Mar 2027

Works with staff and students at Garston Manor School through YC Herts


Governing Body

Mrs Laura James

Co-opted Governor

26 April 2018

08 Dec 2024



Governing Body

Mr Pieter Steyn

Staff Governor

09 Dec 2020

8 Dec 2024


· Finance

Staff Elected

Mrs Jackie Sexton

Parent Governor

 29 March 2023

28 Mar 2027 




Mrs Rachel Jenkins

Parent Governor

 29 March 2023

28 Mar 2027 




Mrs Gillian Warick-Thompson

Parent Governor

23 Mar 2022

22 Mar 2026



Governing Body

Colin Whitaker

Parent Governor

29 March 2023

28 Mar 2027



Parent Governor

Nadine Agyekum

Co-opted Governor

24 May 2023

23 May 2027




Oliveen Elliott

Co-opted Governor

29 March 2023

28 March 2027




PDF icon Garston Manor Governor Membership February 2022

PDF icon Garston Manor Governor Membership February 2021

PDF icon Garston Manor Instrument of Governance

PDF icon Governing Body Terms of Reference

PDF icon Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2019-2020

 Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2021-2022