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Garston Manor School

Garston Manor School

Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties and Speech and Language


Intervention Strategies and Activities

At times your child may need extra support. It may be to support social skills, learning or behaviour.

Timetabled intervention sessions will include specific targets, set for each student at the beginning of a term. Letters will be sent home to parents/carers within the first 2 weeks and 45 minute interventions will take place on a weekly basis for 12 weeks, either 1-1 with a member of staff or in a small group. At the end of the intervention period, targets will be evaluated and this evaluation will be sent home to parents/carers.

Who receives intervention?

Students of all abilities receive intervention.  The key question for the school is whether this additional input will resolve a difficulty or help a student overcome a barrier to further progress or well-being.  Taking part in an intervention activity does not imply that a student is not making good progress.  Students may be identified to receive an intervention for a number of reasons, including teacher recommendation, social and emotional wellbeing and analysis of progress to date.

Students in receipt of Pupil Premium will also be subject to especial scrutiny and additional support.  This is because, nationally, such students can underperform; the school thus needs to monitor, check on progress and support learning so that our students are able to make similar progress to their peers.