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Garston Manor School

Garston Manor School

Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties and Speech and Language

Covid - 19: Pride of Garston Manor

Ben has been hard at work on his maths.


Gabe has been working in the garden, cooking and enjoying lovely walks in the countryside.


Lloyd has been out and about with mum.


Leah-Mai has been busy baking and learning about the skeleton.

Ralfred has been learning about the skeleton.


Ralfred has been making his own clock.



Lloyd has been following an online drawing lesson and measuring his garden






Maria is loving the sea, but looks just as happy completing her art and home-learning.


Megan looking lovely next to the fountain.


James loves to pick fresh peas... and eat them. And look at all those toys!


Ethan and Ryese have been BBQing, in between a few rounds of Crazy Golf.


Eddie wanted to show off his wonderful artwork.


Dylan is still super busy, painting the garden fence and pricing up clothes in the shop.


Ciamara has been making West African delicacies.


Victoria has been skateboarding and writing amazing letters to her mum.


Ethan and Ryese have been walking in the woods with their sister.


Dylan saved for, bought and built his own goal... and he's been baking flapjacks and rocky road.


James continues to work hard in his allotment.


Lucky Ryan has been keeping fit on a bouncy castle.


Micky perfecting his artwork.


Lloyd... BBQ King.


James has been walking the dog, has a new haircut and working on the allotment.


Harry has been baking and walking the dog... Woof!


Ethan has been in the pool. Not sure this counts as PE!


Ben has been sewing.


Megan has been fishing for monsters and practising her artwork.


Leah-Mai has been enjoying some wonderful walks and has been getting crafty in the kitchen.


Lara has been trying to decide which seeds to plant next.


Jonathan has been honing his DIY and gardening skills.


Ethan and Ryese have been enjoying the beautiful weather


Dylan has been busy in the garden and has been making slime... Yeuch!!!


Florjan has baked this delicious cake (with only a little bit of help from Lucy)


Maria has been working hard on her school work.


Ethan and Ryese have celebrated a birthday and the whole family have been keeping fit and active.


Ralf has been very busy checking the weather, measuring his bedroom and checking all the expiry dates on the food in his house.


Jonathan practising his Life Skills.


Lloyd cutting up a whole chicken into parts to be roasted for dinner 


Megan has created her own café for her family to show off her baking skills. She has also been following online art classes to create her own masterpiece.


Poppie has been tie-dying t-shirts and riding her pony, River.


Lara has been celebrating VE day. What a fantastic hair-do!


More amazing artwork from Nathan


Charlie has been getting creative in the sunshine.


Adam helping to make pizza and then enjoying the results of his work! 


Nathan's amazing drawing of Mr J... the likeness is uncanny!


Jake has been busy cooking, working and playing and has had some lovely walks in the local area.


More amazing baking, crafting and exercising from Dylan.


Harry has been hard at work with his on-line home learning. Well done!!!


Ciaran has been baking and crafting, but has still found time for his exercise.





Victoria has been very busy preparing a delicious meal.


Fraser has been relaxing in his hot tub. We're very jealous!




Bobby has been making chicken sandwiches and fruit salad and writing out his recipe so that you can make it too. Yum.


This is Harry making a chocolate sponge. We made it because it was his birthday on the 2nd of May. He licked the whisk! Happy birthday to Harry.


Finn has had a new haircut... looking very smart.


Megan has been baking cakes and making potato salad and has helped raise over £2000 for charity. Amazing!


Gabe has been making beautiful rainbows our of paper plates.




Lara has been busy crafting, doing jigsaw puzzles and washing the car.