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Garston Manor School

Garston Manor School

Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties and Speech and Language


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To ensure effective transition and induction both in and out of school, Garston Manor has an extensive transition programme.

Transition into School:

A senior manager is responsible for arranging transition. This is carried out by

  • Termly transition meetings with other teachers from primary schools both special and mainstream schools.
  • Visits to all students in primary setting, talking to students and teachers.
  • Students to visit school with parent/ carers individually to be shown around the school.
  • Information /pictures/names of staff sent to primary students.
  • Visit for a morning to Garston Manor School in the summer term prior to transfer with parents/carers. This  for sharing information etc
  • Visit for morning with other students, in proposed teaching groups. Time table of lessons followed by students.
  • Buddy/support from family group.
  • Some students may require individually tailored programs for transition e.g. autistic students. This is arranged on an individual need.
  • Statement reviews in year 6 of Children Looked After and students with complex needs are attend where necessary.

Information on incoming students is transferred electronically through SIMs transfer files. In addition pen portrait information is gathered by the senior manager with responsibility for transition. This is then disseminated to all staff.

 Late Entries into School

  • Student to visit school with parent/ carers individually to be shown around the school
  • Individual visits to current school by ‘Blue room’ inclusion manager.
  • Depending on needs of individual student a reduced timetable may be introduced for a gradual introduction into the school, which is increased until students are on a full timetable. A ‘student passport’ will be produced.
  • Statements and information on incoming students are transferred electronically.
  • Buddy/support from family group
  • Progress monitored through tracking systems in school.

Transition out of school

  • Senior member of staff is responsible for supporting transition out of school.
  • Connexions support starts in year 9 and continues through careers lesson, interviews in years 9 and 11.
  • Statement reviews in years 10/11 highlight possible choices and support individual students will need.
  • Careers forms part of the KS4 curriculum and supports skills and information needed to make transition choices.
  • All students have a Connexions advisor and a senior teacher with responsibility for supporting student’s applications for either college or work.
  • A careers evening which is very well attended by year 9,10 and 11 students and parents, highlights options and is attended by local colleges, Connexions and Stop Gap.
  • All year 11 students attend college tasters.
  • Support continues after students have left school by staff.